Elviros Pillows: The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Comfortably

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain with the Elviros pillow. The elviros pillow is made of pure natural premium memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and high quality foam with a moderate hardness and softness that will relax your neck and shoulder muscles while you sleep. The elviros pillow is also designed for back sleepers, making it the perfect pillow for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain. This pillow can be folded or pressed, and 3-5 second slow rebound memory foam can give you a stress-free sleep.

 The elviros pillow is also extremely lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for travelling. They are adjustable, so you can easily make them the perfect height for you. The elviros pillow is also breathable and skin-friendly, making it perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep.  Plus, the elviros pillow is breathable and skin-friendly, making it a great choice for those with allergies or skin sensitivities.

With a light smell, the elviros pillow is also removable and machine washable, making it easy to clean. These pillows are durable and resilient clean and keep hygiene, and do not contain chemical substances, which can improve health. The elviros pillows are also very suitable for elders, office workers, teachers, and those who suffer from sleep disorders.  If you have chronic cervical spondylosis, the elviros pillows will be the optimum choice for providing comfortable sleep and relieving the pain of the cervical vertebra.

The size is perfect for those who need a little extra support, and the quality materials ensure that they last for years.

How are elviros pillows different from other pillows?

Elviros pillows are different from other pillows in a few ways.

 They are made from 100% natural latex, which makes them more durable and longer lasting than other pillows.

They are designed to provide optimal support for your head and neck, which can help to reduce pain and stiffness.

They are also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them a great choice for people with allergies or sensitivities.

The cover is made with a luxurious, breathable fabric that helps keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The pillow is available in two different heights (standard and low) to accommodate different sleeper types.



  1. Temperature control
  2. Auto-adjusting
  3. Comfort ability
  4. Smart anti-allergy//s MATERIAL: Polyester fiber, PP fabric, water absorption 60 %.
  5. No noise when turning over.
  6. Durability

What are the benefits of using an elviros pillow?

There are many benefits of using an elviros pillow, including:

  1. They are specifically designed to provide support for your head, neck and shoulders, helping to reduce pain and discomfort.
  2. They are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.
  3. They are machine washable, making them easy to care for.
  4. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and firmness levels, so you can find the perfect one for you.
  5. They are relatively inexpensive, making them a great value for your money.
  6. They come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be confident in their quality.
 How long does the elviros pillow last?

 How long does the elviros pillow last?

The lifespan of the Elviros pillow depends on your usage. If you are using your pillow for lounging, it will last longer than if you are using it on a commute to work. The pillowcase is soft and cozy and can be removed for washing separately. If you look after your pillow well, it will last for 3-4 years.

How to remove the pillowcase?

Here are few steps to remove the Pillowcase:

1. Untie the snap button in the middle

2. Unzip pillowcase

3. Remove the pillowcase

Where can I buy an elviros pillow?

Where can I buy an elviros pillow?

You can buy an elviros pillow at a variety of retailers, both online and offline. Some popular online retailers that sell elviros pillows include Amazon, eBay, and Way fair. You can also find Offline retailers that sell elviros pillows at some home goods stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart.


Brand:                       Elviros

Color:                                    White

Size:                           Queen Size 25.2Lx15Wx (4.1″-4.9″) H

Fill Material:           high- density slow rebound memory foam

Shape:                       Butterfly

Material:                  Memory Foam

Dimensions:            25 x 15 x 4.1 inches

Product Care Instructions:         Machine Wash

Weight:                     3.43 Pounds

Variety:                    Memory Foam Pillow

Fabric Type:                        38% Ice Silk Viscose With 62% Polyester, 100% High- Density Slow Rebound Memory Foam

Model Name:         Memory Pillow

ASIN:                         B0833V68BJ

Item model number:        Foam Pillow

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