How to clean traeger grill: are step by step guide

Before knowing how to clean Traeger grill, it is important to first understand what this grill actually is. The Traeger Grill is a wood-fired grill that can be used in conjunction with a large variety of pellets. Wood-firing your food results in a very different flavor profile, so if you’re going to adapt, it’s important to use the right type of pellet for the best possible taste.

The Traeger grills are available in 6½”, 8″, and 11″ models. There is also an 18″ model that is only sold directly through “Traeger approved” outlets like this one. The 6½”, 8″, and 11″ models are available in either black or silver finishes.

They all have stainless steel construction with cast aluminum doors, wood storage compartments on top (and below) of the grill, and a few other basic features.

One important feature is that they are pellet-fed grills. This means you have to buy special 1lb or larger bags of wood pellets from Traeger or another source. These are expensive, but there are ways to save. 


Step#1: Remove the grill grates

To get start, remove the grill grates from the grill. Use a fork or tongs to lift them out of place and set them aside from now,

Be sure to keep track of any small part that often come loose when removed.

They make fall through a crack in your grill, so keep an eye out for them.

Step#2: Remove the Ash Drawer:

Now, remove the ash drawer from underneath your careful with this step, as it can be slightly messy if you are not carful to secure the content inside. Once clear, set it aside and away to avoid the mess that will come next.

Step#3: Remove the Ash Pan & Liner

Now it’s time to remove the ash pan and liner from the grill. Don’t just pull this out, as you’ll have a mess on your hands with all of the cracked-up ash inside. Instead, carefully use either tongs or pliers to lift them out of place.

Step#4: Clean Ash out of the Grill

Step#4: Clean Ash out of the Grill

You now have a nice clean canvas to work with, so it’s time to start by scraping out as much ash from inside your grill as you can. A shop vacuum work well for this, but a simple wihsk broom or dustpan will work just fine if you don’t own one. Once you have a clean grill, it’s time to get ready for your first fire.

Step#5: Prepare the Grill Grate

Before cooking up, your first course of action is to prepare the grill grate. This may not be easy after so much cleaning and disassembling, but try to grab some pincers or pilers to get the job done, once you have it clean, wipe down the rest of your grill with a dump cloth or paper towel you once to remove excess ash while also getting some water on the metal parts.

Step#6: prepare for your first cook

Now that you have cleaned out all of the ash and wiped everything down, it’s time to get ready for first steam. This is the first time you are cooking on your grill after cleaning of all the ashes out and wiping down the metal parts.

Oil up some of them to your grill with tongs before firing them up. This will help to ensure that your food doesn’t stick to your grill while you are cooking.

What Should You Use to Clean a Traeger Grill?

Use a natural degreaser like a non-toxic citrus spray to help cut built-on grease.  Citruses are my degreaser of choice but Goo Gone is also an excellent product.

Wire brushes have been known to pose safety risks. Instead, we recommend using a cloth, nylon-thistle brush, microfiber towel, or even an onion to scrub the grill grate.

Be sure to put gloves on before cleaning to protect your hands.

Final words:

Final words:

I hope I have given you adequate information in this article so that you can clean up your grill when it comes time to do so.

Once you are done cleaning up. It’s now time to reassemble the grill before cooking up some tasty food.

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